Monday, February 21, 2011

My New Project: garage converted to a studio

I have been teetering back and forth with a new studio location in my house. We recently remodeled our basement, but my son took it over a few months ago. I know when I come up with house projects my hubby is more than excited to get the project running (I'm so lucky that he loves to remodel)! The garage is a wasted space right now. I could use half of it, but I need to have a huge yard sale this spring before I can move on! OH, the thoughts that are running through my head right now!

After browsing the web, I found tons of pictures for inspiration. I LOVE Shabby Chic. This style incorporates vintage items, light colors, recycled things, painted furniture, and mismatched collectibles. I think my jewelry shop has bits of this type of style flowing through it too. My Mom loves roses so it's in my genes for sure.

Hmm...let's begin...I can dream a little...

My daughter would be sharing the space with me. She is a little artist in the making - always creating things just like her Mama!!

Right now my studio is in the dream stage. More to come...