Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's weekend!

I was on Facebook last night and Barnes & Noble asked it's fans: Friday Face-off, Valentine's Edition: Chocolate or Flowers? I say jewelry! Here's my pitch:

Flowers will die. Chocolate will disappear ;) BUT Jewelry is forever!!
Anyway, here was my part of my Valentine's dinner
 my sushi dinner..yummy..octopus on the left!

I had to spend Valentine's Day will my honey a few days early, because he has to work this weekend. We ended up going to a Sushi place, Hana Sushi. The streets of Nazareth, PA were not totally plowed yet!! There was no parking so we had to walk to the restaurant. The payoff? We had the place all to ourselves! Our dinner was delicious and the staff was awesome!
Well, I hope you enjoy whatever you do this weekend.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. That's crazy, we have a Hana Sushi here, too... but I doubt they're related at all since I know the owners and they named the place after their 11 year old daughter (I know them 'cause I cut Hana's hair ^_^).

    Nothing says V-day like fish breath!
    No, seriously though, sushi is super tasty and romantic. I love that you took a picture!