Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a Marvelous Monday Featured Seller Miss Pretty Perfect

Before I start, I just have to let you in on a secret....I am addicted to purses. I can't even tell you how many handbags, wristlets, totes, and messenger bags I own. SHHHH, don't tell my DH, although, he probably knows and doesn't dare say anything about it! 

I was thrilled to feature the cool handbag designer, La Toya from Miss Pretty Perfect. Her designs are over 10 years in the making. She studied fashion design in NC and NYC (how cool is that?) and was employed as a sewer for  private label handbag designer. Her journey just began... 

She started selling her handmade handbags on a little over a year ago. By the looks of her feedback, I'd say she is making her customers very happy, indeed!

Take a look at some of her cool designs. I'm in LOVE with these wristlets:


MPP Miss Rosa Gathered Wristlet in Olive-U


MPP Miss Rosa Gathered Wristlet in Texas Bluebells


MPP Miss Rosa Wristlet in Pink and Green Truffles


 Check out her other cool links to get to know her better:

Enjoy your adventure through Miss Pretty Perfect's Etsy Shop


  1. You and I have a collection of purses that sound very similar! =) I LOVE those wristlets, too. Great post!

  2. Cute wristlets. Love both the pattern and the fabric. :)