Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Autumn weekend in the Mountains of Pennsylvania

We spent a weekend in the beautiful Mountains of Pennsylvania. 

 Taking a stroll at the campground.

Music by the campfire

At the dog park..

The big king of our house in a little body. This is Kai, our fearless Chihuahua. The only thing he's scared of are loud noises and teenage boys who visit my son at our house frequently!

Kai really enjoyed the dog park last weekend in the mountains. My kids had to chase him to get him to run around!

"Wow, this is better than getting my belly rubbed! Nah...just kidding!"

This is Buddy, our rescued Puggle. This is his 4th home...he's only 3! He used to be super duper hyper until we took him to obedience classes. Now he is a dream, but he still likes to make his grunting noises :-)

"Let's see who can run the fastest!!"

Our boxer, Jade, didn't make it to the dog park, but we did take her to mountains with us for some good country air! She's such a cutie! This is her bumble bee costume she wore at the campgroud!

"I love to give paw!"

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great photos! Autumn is the best time to live in Pennsylvania. I'm hoping to get some hiking in tomorrow.