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Celebrate Earth Day with Aquarian Bath

Celebrating Earth Day!!

I found this great shop, Aquarian Bath,  through facebook a few months ago. Cory, the owner of Aquarian Bath, is from sunny Florida. Cory is an herbalist, mother, organic gardener, and soap maker. She offers handmade artisan soaps and products made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients. 

What's better than eco-friendly products?! I recently asked Cory about her efforts to keep her products palm oil free. She said, "My soaps are orangutan friendly. I do not use palm oil, which is a threat to orangutan and rain forest; jungle habitat is cleared to make way for palm plantations. My products are also free from chemical fragrances and artificial dyes."
Here is my featured interview of Aquarian Bath ::
Seller name: Cory Trusty
Shop: AquarianBath
Shop website:

A little bit about Aquarian Bath ::
Products offered: natural soaps, lip balms, herbal salves, flax neck pillows,
natural perfumes
Available for: Herbal speaking engagements or classes, custom soap
batches and lip balms, wholesale natural perfumes, custom herbal
How did you get your business started?
The first time I ever sold my bath and body products was at the local
Sea Side Herb Society herb fair.  The annual fair is coming up again
this month in Ormond Beach and it will be my 5th year selling.  It is
still my best event of the year.  Since I started selling I've built
up a good number of return local customers and online customers on
etsy and other venues.  I've also discovered what items are the most
popular, etc.

Jasmine Sambac Soap
Where do you live? 
Daytona Beach, Florida.

How long have you lived there?
I've lived here since 2003, but my husband grew up here.   Our
daughter is a 5th generation Florida native.

Favorite color?
I love all shades of green.

Favorite smell?
I love the smell of my backyard when the orange tree is blooming.  My
mom's old fashioned roses are another favorite.

 Where Cory lives & creates
This is a picture taken a couple miles from my house at a park along
the Halifax River, also known as the Intracoastal waterway.  My
daughter, pictured here, calls it the bunny park though, because there
are wild rabbits living under the board walk.  In the spring there are
Eldertrees blooming and in the Fall there is lots of goldenrod in the

What are your hobbies (other than what you make)?
Favorite way to spend your time?
I love swimming, reading books, and gardening.  Any time I get to hang
out with my girl friends, especially the herbal and nature-girl
Favorite place?
I love the Pacific Northwest which is where I'm from.  It's always
hard to go home to visit, because in the end I don't want to leave.  I
wish I could afford to be a snow bird. 
Favorite item in your shop of all time?
Well my favorite for hair is the Carrot Top Shampoo Bar.
It's been very popular and generated a lot of return business from
people who have tried it.  For myself personally I couldn't live
without the Ocean Waves Sea Salt Soap. During the
winter I can tend to get dry itchy skin

Favorite shop that isn’t yours? Why?
I love to window shop at Pimp and Paint.  Her art is functional and
has a nice whimsical and earthy feel.  There are lots of dragonflies
and plenty of green which I love.  She also has a great blog where she
takes you through her creative process.

Follow Aquarian Bath ::
ETSY shop
A big thank you to Cory for allowing me to get a little personal information 
about her and her business!
Natural Soaps & Specialty Salves

❤ Happy Earth Day! Celebrate it today and everyday!
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  1. Thanks again! Happy Earth Day. :)

  2. Cory's Carrot Top soap is my favorite of her soap line. It smells wonderful and although it's a shampoo bar, I love its gentleness on this old skin and use it every day. Wonderful!