Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Terrific Tuesday featuring Lotus Mira

Happy Tuesday! After three straight days of rain, the sun made a brief appearance this morning. The clouds have rolled in again! It was refreshing to discover a new Etsy shop from beautiful Washington, DC, Lotus MiraGe Ephemera Handcrafted Jewelry. The shop owner, MiraGe, is a hard working Graduate student, wife, cat lover, and Boston native studying Law. How does she have time for creating?!? 

She has little pieces of art for your ears, neck, and wrists! Lotus Mira offers handcrafted jewelry and art, composed of found items, vintage artwork and images, and other ephemera. A girl after my own heart! She currently specializes in soldered art. Her future plans are to work with polymer clay and would love to learn lampworking!

I found a lot of information on the profile page of Lotus Mira about MiraGe and her future artistic journey. Something she quoted really stayed with me. "Many people think nothing of spending $100 on a dinner out, but wouldn't spend $100 on a piece of art that they could have forever. It's because they don't value it the same. It's not because they can't afford it."
(taken from http://www.thebeads.com/articles/pricing.phtml) This is so true! Next time you see a piece of art that you would love to own, think of this statement.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the fabulous shop, Lotus Mira. Take a little journey into her world...

Here are some of my favorites from her shop:

 All of the pendants are made with lead-free solder.

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Get to know Lotus Mira a little more and see her mini works of art through her links!

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  1. That quote is Powerful! Enjoyed this feature on our newest BESTeam member :D

  2. I was really made to think by that quote, because I have been guilty of that myself. Well, I wouldn't spend 100$ on dinner, shoes maybe. :) It's nice to read about a new besteam member.