Monday, April 12, 2010

Things to pamper Mom for Mother's Day

I just realized that Mother's Day is less than a month away. WHOA! This month is traveling fast! 
I love browsing through Etsy and finding new things. Here are some Mother's Day finds to oogle over! Each one represents a little piece of me and what I like. I'm sure you will as well! Enjoy...

Handmade Lilly Pulitzer Large Pouch Clutch
For the Mom that loves handbags. I love the bright colors and use of fabric in this bag!
I have bought 2 handbags from her in the past and let me just tell you they are well made bags!

These are perfect for a Mom who loves flowers! 
What's better than cheerful sunflowers?

This is for the Rockhound Mom who can't get enough of Mother Nature's creations!
Truly a beauty to display proudly!

For the bird lover Mom
5% of all sales in this shop will be donated to the the Birds of Prey program. There are 15 raptors in the collection. They all have different injuries and circumstances that bring them to the program. They are non-releasable to the wild, and are housed and fed, and medical needs taken care of with donations from the public.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing these beauties. If you click on the name of the shop, it will take you right to their Etsy Stores!

Happy Monday!!

Leo and Junie
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